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Holika Holika Pignose clear black head 3step kit

Category: Skin care

Manufacturer: Holika Holika

EAN: 8806334371807

16.49 PLN 21.99 PLN

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Holika Holika Pignose clear black head 3step kit - It is pore special care 3step kit that expands pore, extract black heads and tightens pore again finally

  • Step 1: 100% cotton sheet nose pack softly helps to expand pore and melts black head and sebum to lift them out of pore
  • Step 2: The pink disposable nose pack strongly absorbs sebum and black heads stuck in deep in to the pores
  • Step 3: The gel type sheet coolly tightens pore again



  • Step 1: After wash-up, put the pure cotton on your nose appropriately and slowly detach it after 15~20minutes to get rid of black head and sebum came out of pore
  • Step 2: Wet your nose with water enough and attach pink nose pack to your nose tightly so that it can be adhered on the nose completely. After 10~15minutes, when the pack is completely dried, slowly detach it from edge to center
  • Step 3: Put the gel type nose pack on the nose appropriately. Detach it in 5~10 minutes then slightly tab residue for their absorption.
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